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Chinese medicine

Postby lyonsmik » Sat May 18, 2019 8:49 am

I was diagnosed here in Japan with PKD in June 2016. At the time my abdomen bothered me all the time and my eGFR was 54%. My nephrologist advised me to change my lifestyle, drink less coffee, cut out salt, etc, which I did, and to take Tolvaptan (Jynarque): but I wasn't keen because a) it wasn't clear at the time whether my insurance would cover the insane cost of Tolvaptan, and b) the side effects scared me. I discussed the situation with a pharmacist friend who suggested an alternative Chinese medicine called Gorei-san. I told my doctor, who said fine, and he prescribed it for me in addition to some blood pressure pills. I took Gorei-san daily for about 6 months with no effect, and then quite suddenly it started working.

My eGFR, (which had gone down with each successive blood test, 54%, 52%, 51% 49%) suddenly shot up to 62%. Other test numbers were good too. Since then I have continued taking Gorei-san. My eGFR has been hovering around 60%. Although my abdomen is getting steadily larger (it's my liver cysts that are blowing up, not my kidneys), I feel pretty good. No pain, except occasionally a little discomfort when a cyst pops.

It does have a similar side effect to Tolvaptan, in that I have to pee a lot more than before.

But it costs less. Since my doctor prescribes Gorei-san for me, insurance pays. But even if it wasn't covered, it would only cost about US$1.10 a day.

Gorei-san is the Japanese name. In Chinese it's called Wulingsan. Here's some info about it in English:

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