Nephrologist Recommendation for Chicago/Illinois patients

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Nephrologist Recommendation for Chicago/Illinois patients

Postby Violet87 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:24 am

Hello fellow PKD patients,

I realize that there may not be many other patients on here in my area, but if there is anyone in the Chicago area or in Illinois, I would like to recommend a wonderful nephrologist to you. I have seen various kidney and pain management specialists at Loyola University for the past five years. I received little to no answers/helpful treatments from any doctors I saw there. My father also has PKD, and received a kidney transplant through Loyola several years ago. He has experienced complications since then, and has transferred hospitals as Loyola became less and less helpful. I followed suit after his doctor recommended a nephrologist for me to see at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Reddy spent an entire hour with me, being sure to answer every single one of my questions. She began our appointment with a pen and paper, making a family tree of my family history of PKD, tracing back to my great-grandparents and as recent as my seven month old niece. The amount of time she spent asking about and noting my family history, was more than the amount of time any prior nephrologist has spent on me in an entire appointment! It is so refreshing to see a doctor who understands that each situation and diagnosis comes with a different background and, consequently, different symptoms!

More importantly, I learned MUCH more about the actual causes of my pain from her in one hour than in the years I had spent going through different specialists at Loyola. She has answered so many of my questions. Not only do I plan to see her regularly, but I have found myself looking forward to appointments with her, because she is so very knowledgable and understanding - which is something I have been seeking in a doctor for so long!

I am posting because I know how difficult it can be to find a doctor who truly understands your needs and individual situation. I truly encourage anyone in Illinois or within reasonable distance to make the trip to see her. She may be able to provide answers you haven't been able to find or understand up until now!

Dr. Reddy - University of Chicago

Best of luck to everyone here on their PKD journey. <3

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