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Postby itsjustme00123 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:54 pm

I have pkd. To be honest never thought much about it until the last few years. That's when the pain began. Now its a daily part of my life. I see a MD for my condition, no insurance. I am interested to know what is best for the flank pain. I am on pain medication, that is getting harder and harder to obtain. Most MD's do not understand the pain aspect of this disease and only think that you are trying to just get pain medications to abuse. Anyone who has this disease and the pain that is sometimes associated with it, know that is truly not the case. Without the pain meds I am on the couch all day, unable to do any normal activities. I worked until recently but now due to the pain I can no longer work as my work was quite physical then a lot of sitting at the computer after the field work was done. I am asking for feedback regard the pain and general everything since I never gave it much thought, it was just something I had, Kinda of like if it don't hurt leave it alone. But now since I have hit 60 its a different story. Since I can no longer work, finances are now a big concern, and medication for BP and some other medical issues I have are killing me. Any ideas for help or information would be greatly appreciated as I do not know anything about any kind of assistance or anything as I worked my whole life and thank Goodness I never needed that kind of help, but now is a different story. please email me at thanks

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