Just diagnosed and very confused.

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There is hope

Postby twrlfranklin@att.net » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:19 pm

I was diagnosed with PKD back in 2007. My kidney function started down in a downward spiral. Late last year, my oldest sister, who also has PKD was told she would have to go on dialysis this year some time. That motivated me to dig in to research on how I could stop the progression of cyst growth in both kidneys. I started reading about living in a more alkaline versus acidic state. That lead me to looking at fruits and vegetables that get me in a more alkaline state. I started consuming these fruits and vegetables, staying away from most animal protein. I eat roughly 6-8 grams of animal protein a week, relying mainly on white beans and almond butter for my protein. My creatinine level has been 1.5 the last couple of years and GFR 53. My last blood test results: creatinine 1.3, GFR 59, blood pressure: 115/71 which is a great improvement! Western medicine scoffs at the idea of this way of life helping but I can honestly say it's working for me. It takes a lot of discipline but I think the results will speak for themselves.


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