Everyday Pain

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Everyday Pain

Postby slynn78 » Thu May 31, 2018 10:29 am

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with PKD a few years ago, shortly after the birth of my son. I have had many, many tests done (CT, MRI, blood work, ultrasound, xray.....) and now see my nephrologist yearly now. I have small sized cysts in my kidneys, angiiolipoma in my one kidney, cysts in my liver. My nephrologist tells me I am kinda a boring case as my blood work is great and my kidney function is good. He said besides the cysts being there on the imaging, everything looks good.

My question to you all is, do you have pain associated with PKD and cysts? My nephrologists assures me that I shouldn't have any pain or discomfort from the cysts. I often (almost daily) have abdominal pain / discomfort and lower back and flank pain and discomfort. I recently was in the ER with very bright red blood in urine and what they thought was me passing a kidney stone. CT showed 2 stones in kidneys but not traveling out of kidneys. I often feel like I have radiating pain - flank, back, abdomen, legs, groin.

I would appreciate hearing your experiences with PKD. Thanks so much!

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