Pain and nausea

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Pain and nausea

Postby Chodgesss » Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:57 am

Hi my names Christina and I’ve been diagnosed since I was 19. I was having extreme pain so I went to the hospital. They found a kidney stone in each kidney and also the cysts. In May I was diagnosed with a double kidney infection and saw my kidneys for the first time... both kidneys are completely covered in cysts.... at the age of 24. I’ve experienced nausea and rashes since before I was diagnosed. Every time I go see my dr he tells me my nausea has nothing to do with my kidney disease and doesn’t let me tell him the patterns I’ve come to notice that brings on the severe nausea. Every website I look at says nausea can be a symptom... does anyone else experience this? I don’t know why else I would feel nauseas so much. Also experience severe sharp stabbing pains and all he says is yeah those will happen. He’s not a very helpful doctor doesn’t help me or prepare me for what’s next. Also my dad has PKD and has a different dr than me and his dr tells him there’s no pain involved with this disease... I have pain daily.. so I know he has pain. Why aren’t these drs helping us? It’s like they don’t care.. I drink my water and I don’t eat that much cause I don’t have an appetite half the time cause the nausea. I’m 24 now I feeel like I shouldn’t be having so many issues. Also does anyone experience night sweats? Ever since the double kidney infection the night sweats haven’t stopped I wake up throughout the night and have to change that’s how bad it is. Whatever advice anyone wants to give me please feel free.

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