Just Diagnosed. Scared and family/friends not supportive

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Just Diagnosed. Scared and family/friends not supportive

Postby tuc41057@temple.edu » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:17 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been having a lot of UTI issues, excessive thirst among other symptoms so I went to urologist. They did a CAT scan looking for kidney stones and they found PKD. I am 32 and I am a single mother. I have never heard of this disease before. When the doc told me this I was really surprised. Of course, immediately after my appointment I was looking for support and contacted my mother. Her first response was "wow are the doctors sure they are not stones??" Meaning she thinks the doctors don't know the difference between a kidney stone and a cyst. Then she went on to say other things like "do you think your anti depressants medications caused this?" I felt so frustrated and upset I just stopped talking to her about it. I then reached out to friends and I have gotten the attitude "well at least know you know what the problem is!!" This happened days after I found out. Why would I be relieved to find out i have a chronic kidney disease? Why would I be happy or excited about that?? I feel so sad and alone. I am scared because I have drank a lot of coffee the last 4 years and have not had a great diet. I am thirsty all the time. Going for a nephrologist appointment on the 13th and it seems so far away...

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