22 & have PKD

Do you have a young child or teenager with ARPKD or ADPKD? Talk to other parents who are caring for children with PKD.
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22 & have PKD

Postby xSidni_J » Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:03 am

My Name is Sidni & I was diagnosed with PKD yesterday (Dec. 16th 2014). It all started when I went to the ER in late September early October. I had extremely bad pain in my lower abdominal region. Test were taken & what not. I was dehydrated badly and so they took an MRI. They found a ruptured Ovarian Cyst and Cysts on my Kidneys. So I was ordered to see a Kidney Specialist. And I went. They saw I DO have the disease. And I was wondering alot about any risks. 1) What would happen for me to get pregnant 2) In the lng term will I be able to function & 3) They said something about Aneurysms what is the possibility it happening an one bursts.

Thank you & I hope to find out more.

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