9 week old with possible PKD

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9 week old with possible PKD

Postby Smolsey » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:33 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm just looking for some information on the horrible disease from people who have actually experienced it.
At my 20 week ultrasound it was found that my baby may have only had 1 kidney, at a follow up 31 week scan we found the other kidney in the pelvis and were told to come back for a follow up at 4 weeks of age.
Spin doing that we have now just found out that both kidneys have cysts,the pedestrian pretty much put it straight forward to us and said this is a really serious situation.
We have been booked in to see a urologist in 3 weeks but that seems so long to wait...
I just wanted to hear from other parents who are also dealing with this and found out when they already thought they had a happy and healthy baby

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