brother-in-law recently diagnosed

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brother-in-law recently diagnosed

Postby SKraus500 » Wed May 25, 2016 3:08 pm

He is my husband's brother, age 70, and had unexpected high blood pressure, so subsequent testing lead to the discovery that he has PKD. We are not aware of any other cases in his family, but two years ago, during testing for another problem, my husband, who is 64, discovered that he has two small cysts on each kidney. He is seeing his doctor tomorrow to see if he needs further testing. Assuming that his kidney cysts are a fluke, and not PKD, should we worry about our children? Two of them have type 1 diabetes, so a disease that affects their kidneys would not be welcome news. There is no PKD on my side of the family.

So in other words, if my husband's brother has it but my husband does not, and I don't, are our children out of the woods, genetically speaking?

I just found out about this diagnosis yesterday, so I'm trying to get up to speed.



Re: brother-in-law recently diagnosed

Postby Guest » Sat May 28, 2016 3:31 pm

I was told this. I have it so my children have a 50/50 chance. My sisters do not have it so they can not pass it onto my neice. So if your husband does not have it then I would say your kids wont. This is what I was told but double check with your doctor to make sure I would not want to give out wrong info. Hope ithelps.

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