Adult Son with PKD

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Adult Son with PKD

Postby GailC » Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:22 am

I know even as I write this that I am not alone. My adult son has recently had an event which led his internist to refer him for PKD. He had a episode of maglignant hypertension and has a stage 2 hemorragic cyst on the upper pole of one kidney. He may have some liver fibrosis. I am writing to ask how to deal with the stage before final diagnosis. PKD looks likely but I can NOT verify with his biological father. We do not have it in my family.
We got into a specialist as soon as possible but he has had 3 weeks or more to wait. I am helping him because he is unmarried at the time and no children. He works where he has to be online a lot and has limited time off.
I have encouraged him to look for support group however he says no for now.

When my son was 18 I got non Hodgkins lymphoma and my son has had to help me throughout the years although I've tried to find other support. I have had lung disease from a fungus.
In short, he says he is tired of dealing with disease.
I think he will adjust if it is confirmed.
I just feel so alone and empty not being able to constantly help him.
He continues to work. He is not a very active social person (personality) however he has friends and is well liked. It's just that life (with my problems) and now his seems over whelming.
Would be grateful for any suggestions.
What to do now?

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