Employment lawyer?

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Employment lawyer?

Postby MHS » Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:33 am

I'm 46, currently at 22 gfr. I work at a pretty high-stress, demanding job with quite a bit of travel (I have 4 work trips scheduled this month.) I'm really starting to feel crappy, no energy, muscle fatigue, etc., and mentally everything is taking much longer to process, so obviously I worry about how my job is affected. Also, the way my gfr is trending (have gone from 35 to 22 in 9 months), I kind of expect to drop to the point of needing dialysis or a transplant soon. I *think* I have a donor (someone has offered but that's as far as it's gone for now). Anyway, do most people hire an employment lawyer to walk them through all the disability options? My company is super small, I'm not even sure if they're required to maintain short and long term disability, although I am pretty sure that they do. Just not sure how to deal with this aspect of things and would appreciate any advice or hearing how other people handled this. Thanks!


Re: Employment lawyer?

Postby Kona » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:10 pm

The good news is your GFR is still at 22 and that could stabilize for months or even years before you need to start dialysis so I hope the best for you. I too had a drop in numbers and no one can explain why. My GFR went from 33 to 15 in about 15 months. Its stable right now and have not started dialysis but have gone thru the preparations (fistula) and ready to start when needed. I say that because I too am working and thought it would affect my work so I looked into it and found FMLA that is a program where it helps you to retain your job if you have to step away for medical reasons for any period of time. We do not have sick leave so taking FMLA when I have appts, scans, surgeries, etc or other days off I need to take due to my condition helps. While it might be the same as taking leave without pay this at least protects your job while you deal with the disease....Thought I would share, wish you the best!

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