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Postby stephaniesmetana » Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:37 pm

Has anyone had any luck locking down sponsors? Any luck with a penny kid dash sponsor? I'm having a terrible time finding companies willing to sponsor for anything so any help or suggestions are appreciated.


Volunteer Walk Coordinator
Central Florida Chapter

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Re: Sponsorships

Postby Patti_SanAntonioWalk » Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:34 pm

Hi Stephanie,
Yes sponsorships are hard to come by. We are having our 11th San Antonio Walk for PKD. It wasn't until about our 6th year until we got our first strong sponsorship. Seems like once you get a leading sponsor for the community, that helps. We have really had luck with getting University Health System, University Transplant Center, University of Texas Health Science Center on board. This helps obtain local sponsors - now HEB (huge here in Texas) and Valero. I have a rule of "3" that works for me, I will ask three times, and then move on. BE SURE to put your story with the request. I actually had a requested sponsor call me after reading my story. This lead to an appointment and looking like we will have Whataburger on board for the first time ever this year (fingers crossed). I approached them for the Penny Kid's Dash since they are interested in children's disabilities. I would be happy to visit with you more. We are up to about $12,500 already for our walk in September... nice place to be.

I tried to attach my story but says format not accepted. will check on this one!
Patti O'Grady Ruffin
Volunteer Walk Coordinator
San Antonio Chapter

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