CCPD with large kidneys

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CCPD with large kidneys

Postby William_T » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:30 pm

I am pre-dialysis and am at the stage where I need to be thinking about what type of dialysis I want to do. My Neph says I may have problems doing CCPD because of the size of my kidneys ( the last CT scan said they are both about 17cm). I also have a heart condition that MAY some day require a pacemaker and my Cardiologist doesn't like the possibility of getting a peritoneal infection that might go into my heart ??? My Neph says a peritoneal infection would not go above my diaphragm and that he would talk to my Cardiologist if I decided to do CCPD. I am also in the process of getting an AV Fistula. My Neph thinks I should get one whether I do CCPD or not. That way if something happens I am already to go. I don't have a problem with this. Right now I am leaning towards Hemo (like the idea of having some down time days with no dialysis) and see how it goes. If I really hate it or it doesn't go well I can switch to CCPD. Don't want to do Home Hemo.
I am 71 years old and have known that I have PKD since my 30's so I have dodged the built for a long time. Any input from folks would be appreciated.

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